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5 Easy Yoga Poses To Boost Your Energy Levels

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Yoga has always been known as a relaxing, low-impact form of exercise. But, did you know that it can also boost your energy?

Since yoga is centered on breathing and meditation, it gives you a chance to reset yourself during the day. It's all about active recovery and re-focusing your energy, rather than getting distracted and tired.

Whenever you're stressed out, try these 5 easy yoga poses to refresh your body and mind. Don't forget to warm up first before doing these poses though, so you won't risk any injuries.

5 Easy Yoga Poses to Boost Your Energy Levels

1. Downward Facing Dog

The popular downward-facing dog pose is an inversion, where your head is positioned lower than your heart. With this, you're allowing gravity to promote blood flow and circulation. It also opens up and stretches your entire body, which is great for improving poor posture.

How to do a downward-facing dog:

  • Come onto your hands and knees, with your hands in front of your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Spread your palms and make sure you're stable.
  • Breathe out, lift your knees, and straighten your legs up without locking them. Keep your feet and palms flat on the floor. Make sure that your head is relaxed between your upper arms.
  • Stay in the downward-facing dog pose for at least 10 breaths. You can slowly bend one leg, then straighten it and bend the other leg, alternating to improve circulation.
  • 2. Cobra Pose

    If you're searching for a yoga pose that can strengthen and relax you at the same time, the cobra pose is perfect for you. It has many variations, so start with a simple one first before shifting into a deep backbend, to effectively banish stress from head to toe.

    How to do a cobra pose:

  • Lie face down on your mat with your entire body relaxed. Make sure that your legs are hip-width apart.
  • Bring your hands, palms facing down, directly under your shoulder blades. Prepare to lift your upper body with this.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly lift your upper body. If you can't, do a low cobra first. Make sure that your back muscles are supporting this pose, so you won't strain your elbows and arms.
  • When you feel stable, shift from a low cobra to a higher lift, using your back and abs to lift as high as you can. Don't forget to breathe in and out through your nose and keep your shoulder blades back as you push your chest forward.
  • If you can, tilt your head slightly facing up. Hold this pose for a few breaths, keeping your body stretched and spine aligned.
  • Exhale gently and lower yourself down to the ground.
  • 3. Low Lunge with your Arms Stretched

    Sitting for too long can be more stressful than you might expect. Your hips and legs can feel tight and sore, which means you must stretch them out from time to time.

    A low lunge works great for this purpose. It's a yoga pose that focuses on movement, flexibility, and balance. When you're getting tired of sitting, a low lunge can dispel the tension in your lower body.

    How to do a low lunge:

  • From the downward-facing dog pose, step out your right foot in between your hands. Keep your right knee aligned over your heel and lower your left knee to the floor.
  • Breathe deeply and lift your upper body upright. Bring your arms out to the sides and up, and go deep into the lunge as much as you can.
  • If you can, look up and hold this position for a few breaths. Once you're done, go back to the downward-facing dog, then repeat the lunge with your other leg.
  • 4. Upward Salute

    A quick yoga stretch, such as an upward salute, is the best way to wake up in the morning. It stretches your shoulders and helps in improving your digestion. Plus, the upward salute also opens up your chest so you can breathe more easily.

    How to do the upward salute:

  • Stand up with your feet together and draw your shoulders back. Keep your posture straight and relaxed.
  • Breathe deeply and raise your arms over your head, shoulder-distance apart and in line with your ears. Your palms should face each other. Double-check to see that you're not lifting your ribs too much in this movement.
  • As you keep this straight pose, look up and let your palms touch in a gentle clap. Make sure that your shoulders and abdomen are engaged. If you can't do this movement yet, just keep your arms up in a V-shape or whatever angle that's comfortable for you.
  • After holding this pose, release your arms and return to the starting position.
  • 5. Child's Pose

    The child's pose is probably one of the top favorites of any yoga practitioner. It's such a simple yet energy-boosting pose, letting you breathe and relax at your own pace. The child's pose offers a moment of quiet when you're physically and mentally exhausted.

    How to do the child's pose:

  • Kneel on your yoga mat and sit on your heels. You can let your bent knees relax at hip-width.
  • As you breathe out, bend your upper torso forward and down between your thighs. Relax and lengthen your spine, feeling the stretch in your shoulder, hips, and legs. And of course, tuck your chin slightly toward the mat.
  • If possible, slowly extend your hands out to the front of the mat and breathe deeply. You can also reach back to your feet and let your arms rest, palms up.
  • Hold this resting pose for a few breaths.
  • Afterward, breathe in and lift yourself back up into your sitting position.
  • Complete Your Energy-Boosting Routine

    Resting up isn't only about lying down and taking a nap. For busy days, you need to find a quick way to rest, like doing easy yoga poses.

    Yoga centers your focus back to yourself and helps you let go of any frustrations. Plus, it restores your energy so you can go on through the day without trouble.

    For these reasons, many people include yoga in their energy-boosting routine. But of course, if you want a full self-care plan, consider investing in some equipment for relaxation.

    For instance, the Hydragun massage gun is a useful addition to your yoga session. It's your portable at-home massager, perfect for relaxing your sore muscles after a deep stretch. Check out the Hydragun now and see how it can complete your day.

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