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Longboards VS Skateboards

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10 Oct 2019, 20:09 GMT+10

Most of the people get confused about Longboarding vs. Skateboarding since both are relative. Longboards are referred to as a variation of using conventional skateboards. There are numerous varieties of Skateboards, and one of its best varieties is the Longboards. It is entirely distinct enough with its name. Both sports activities are seen to be similar but still, they are various discrete features or differences between them.

Among the sports enthusiasts, you can have a quite controversial topic about the differences and similarities. Most of them would like to know which one is more preferred and fun. Those games play an essential role based on preferences and personal styles. If you are feeling indecisive on how to choose the best one between longboards vs. skateboards, and then you should know the major differences between them.

That information will help you choose the best boarding game that suits your personal style. It is a special warning that you need to follow quite a tricky structure and utilize an active link. You can refer to the below-mentioned points to make clear about the differences between Longboards & Skateboards.


In the 1950s, we all know that Skateboarding is more popular across the audience and they decided to surf by searching for an appropriate one to perform. With this effect, they decided to create a skateboard that is much longer and utilize the same to fell like surfing directly on the ground. After a few days, the longboarding style appeared. It was welcomed by numerous surfers and includes many similar movements like surfing.


Traditional Skateboards are specially designed only for skating within the ramps or parks, where it is easier to leap. If you prefer for a long distance, the shortboard may also make you less comfortable and stable. To overcome, you need to utilize the long-range of electric skateboards similar to Inmotion K1, etc. Longboards are best suited for transportation; even you can enjoy the ride within the city and cruise for miles.


We all know that Longboard is wider and longer, which is much easier to balance. This means that the users can have better balancing skills using smaller skateboards. Longboards can offer comfort and greater space for larger feet users. It is also advisable to use the longboard with a wider stance to get a better balance when compared with the normal skateboard.


By default, the longboards will have softer and bigger wheels rather than conventional skateboards. It can be used under different complicated terrains with its strong and faster shock absorption capability. The Skateboards will include smaller wheels that make it easier to perform tricks and as well as good for controlling your speed.


Longboards and Skateboards will look different from their appearance. Skateboards are different and include both ends with curving upwards. While longboards are available in numerous boards or shapes similar to longer skateboards. It does not include any curving on either end. However at both ends, it has two narrow strips to make it easier for the users to cruise.


The longboard is usually much longer when compared to a traditional one. Skateboards are usually 7-10 inches wide and 28-34 inches long. The Longboards are usually 9-10 inches wide and 35-60 inches long. The wider and longer longboards will make it easier to balance, particularly for beginners.

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